The Road to Victory: 2022 World Billiards Championship

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Get ready to cue up your excitement because the 2022 World Billiards Championship is just around the corner! As players from all corners of the globe gather to showcase their skills in the enthralling game of English billiards, anticipation and thrill fill the air. From nail-biting matches to jaw-dropping trick shots, this championship promises to be a dazzling display of precision and strategy. So, dust off your cue, settle into your seats, and prepare to witness a breathtaking journey towards victory!

Date and Location


The 2022 World Billiards Championship is scheduled to take place from August 15th to August 27th.


The prestigious tournament will be held at the luxurious Grand Billiards Arena in London, England. This iconic venue has a rich history in hosting billiards championships, making it the perfect setting for this grand event.

Overview of World Billiards Championship


The World Billiards Championship has a long and storied history, dating back to its inception in 1983. Over the years, it has become the pinnacle event for English billiards enthusiasts across the globe. Renowned for its fierce competition and unparalleled skills on display, the championship has earned a reputation as the ultimate test of excellence in the sport.


The championship follows a format where players compete in a series of matches to determine the ultimate champion. The format includes both qualifying rounds and the main event, ensuring a fair and challenging path to victory for all participants.


The World Billiards Championship holds immense significance for players and fans alike. Winning this prestigious tournament not only earns players international recognition and respect but also cements their place in billiards history. With a wide range of exceptional talent on display, the championship promises thrilling matches that keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

Previous Champions

2019 Champion

The reigning champion from the last edition of the tournament, held in 2019, is James Watson. Watson delivered a stunning performance, showcasing his exceptional cue skills and strategic prowess. His victory placed him among the billiards elite and earned him widespread acclaim within the billiards community.

Notable Previous Champions

Throughout the championship’s history, numerous legendary players have left an indelible mark on the sport by winning the World Billiards Championship multiple times. Some notable champions include Michael Pearson, Peter Gilchrist, Mike Russell, and Geet Sethi. These players have demonstrated their exceptional talents and dominance in the world of English billiards.

Qualifying Rounds


To participate in the championship, players must go through a registration process. This involves submitting personal and contact information, including their billiards history and achievements. The registration phase enables organizers to carefully select the best players from around the world to compete in the tournament.

Regional Tournaments

To create a fair and diverse playing field, regional tournaments are organized as a pathway to the World Billiards Championship. These tournaments are held in different countries and regions, allowing players to showcase their skills and earn qualification to the main event. The winners or top performers from each regional tournament earn a spot in the international qualifiers.

International Qualifiers

The international qualifiers serve as a final opportunity to secure a place in the World Billiards Championship. These intense matches feature players from various regions competing against one another to earn their spot in the main event. Only the most skilled and determined individuals emerge victorious and advance to represent their countries on the global stage.

Main Event


The main event of the World Billiards Championship brings together the most talented billiards players from around the world. National team representatives, regional tournament winners, and top-ranked players converge to showcase their skills and vie for the ultimate title. The diversity and quality of participants ensure a highly competitive and enthralling tournament.


To ensure a fair and balanced competition, players are seeded based on their rankings and past performance. This seeding system helps distribute the top players evenly throughout the draw, minimizing the chances of early clashes between high-ranking contenders. The careful seeding process ensures that every match is a thrilling battle of skill and strategy.

Match Schedule

The World Billiards Championship features an intense and tightly packed match schedule. Each day is filled with multiple matches as players compete in a round-robin format initially, followed by knockout stages. The schedule ensures that there is non-stop action for both players and spectators, creating a vibrant and electric atmosphere throughout the tournament.

Prize Money

The championship rewards participants not only with glory and recognition but also with a substantial prize fund. The prize money is distributed among the top performers, with the tournament winner taking home the lion’s share. This monetary incentive adds an extra layer of motivation for players, further raising the stakes and intensity of the competition.

Venue Details


The Grand Billiards Arena offers state-of-the-art facilities for both players and spectators. The tournament organizers have spared no expense to create an environment that allows players to showcase their skills to the fullest. The venue provides professional-grade billiards tables, top-quality cue sticks, and ample space for players to prepare and warm up before matches. Additionally, the on-site facilities include comfortable lounges, practice areas, and dedicated areas for media coverage.


Spectators can enjoy the thrilling matches from the comfort of the arena’s plush seating arrangements. The venue features tiered seating that ensures an unobstructed view of the action from every angle. Whether it’s witnessing a crucial shot or experiencing the intensity of a nail-biting finish, the seating at the Grand Billiards Arena guarantees an unparalleled viewing experience for billiards enthusiasts.


The organizers of the World Billiards Championship prioritize accessibility to ensure that the event is inclusive for all. The venue is equipped with ramps and elevators to assist individuals with mobility challenges. Additionally, special seating arrangements are available for individuals with specific accessibility requirements, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the tournament to the fullest.

Key Rules and Regulations

Gameplay Rules

The World Billiards Championship follows a set of standardized gameplay rules, ensuring consistency and fairness throughout the tournament. These rules outline the scoring system, foul regulations, and other technical aspects of the game. Players must have a comprehensive understanding of these rules to compete at the highest level and avoid any penalties.

Code of Conduct

Maintaining a high standard of conduct is of utmost importance in the World Billiards Championship. Players are expected to display sportsmanship, respect for opponents, and adherence to ethical practices. Any violation of the code of conduct may result in penalties, including disqualification from the tournament. The championship promotes an atmosphere of fair play and camaraderie among players.

Dress Code

To maintain a professional atmosphere, players participating in the World Billiards Championship are required to adhere to a strict dress code. Traditional billiards attire, including waistcoats, collared shirts, bowties, trousers, and non-marking shoes, is expected to be worn. The dress code adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to the tournament, further enhancing its prestige.

Prominent Players to Watch

Top Ranked Players

The World Billiards Championship attracts some of the most accomplished players in the sport. The top-ranked players, such as Peter Gilchrist, Mike Russell, and Pankaj Advani, consistently exhibit exceptional skill, precision, and strategic brilliance. Their performances in previous tournaments and their consistent presence at the top of the rankings make them formidable contenders. As the tournament unfolds, all eyes will be on these elite players as they strive to etch their names in billiards history once again.

Upcoming Stars

The championship also presents a platform for budding talents and emerging stars to make their mark on the international stage. Young players like Ellie Wilson, Hugo Patel, and Devendra Joshi have exhibited immense potential and have been steadily climbing the ranks. Their hunger for success and fearless approach to the game make them exciting prospects to watch during the tournament.

National Team Representatives

National team representatives form an integral part of the World Billiards Championship, as they symbolize their country’s aspirations and pride. These individuals carry the hopes of their nation and compete against formidable opponents on behalf of their respective countries. Their dedication and skill make them essential figures to follow throughout the championship, as they strive to make their country proud.

Sponsorship and Broadcast

Title Sponsor

The World Billiards Championship is proud to have a reputable and passionate title sponsor, who provides crucial support to elevate the tournament’s stature. The involvement of a title sponsor demonstrates their commitment and belief in promoting the sport of billiards on a global scale. Their contribution ensures the success of the championship and enables billiards enthusiasts from around the world to witness the magic of the game.

Broadcasting Partners

To reach a broader audience and bring the excitement of the tournament to fans worldwide, the World Billiards Championship forges partnerships with esteemed broadcasting companies. These broadcasting partners use their extensive networks to televise the matches, ensuring that fans can enjoy the thrilling action from the comfort of their homes. The global reach provided by broadcasting partners plays a significant role in spreading awareness and appreciation for the sport.

Media Coverage

The World Billiards Championship attracts substantial media attention, with journalists and photographers covering the event from start to finish. With press conferences, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes coverage, media outlets provide comprehensive reporting, creating a buzz around the championship. The media coverage helps build anticipation among fans, further contributing to the success and prestige of the tournament.

Anticipated Challenges

International Travel

Organizing an international tournament of this magnitude requires meticulous planning to overcome the challenges of international travel. Coordinating travel arrangements, visa requirements, and ensuring the smooth arrival of participants from around the world demands careful logistical management. The organizers have taken necessary measures to streamline the travel process and provide necessary support to players, ensuring their safe arrival and participation.


Hosting the World Billiards Championship involves intricate logistical arrangements, such as accommodating participants, managing competition schedules, and organizing practice facilities. Ensuring that all participants have a comfortable and seamless experience throughout the tournament requires careful coordination and attention to detail. The organizers have dedicated significant resources and expertise to manage logistics effectively, ensuring a successful and unforgettable event.

Health and Safety

The World Billiards Championship places paramount importance on the health and safety of all participants. With the ongoing global pandemic, additional measures are being implemented to ensure a safe environment for players, officials, and spectators. Stringent health protocols, including regular testing, social distancing, and sanitization measures, are being enforced to mitigate any potential risks. The organizers are committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.

In conclusion, the 2022 World Billiards Championship promises to be an exhilarating and captivating event that brings together the best players from around the world. With a rich history, esteemed champions, and an array of emerging talents, the championship showcases the finest skills and strategies in English billiards. From the intense qualifying rounds to the gripping main event, the tournament offers a thrilling journey for players and fans alike. Held in the iconic Grand Billiards Arena, the championship ensures a world-class venue with top-notch facilities, accessibility, and seating arrangements. With strict adherence to rules, code of conduct, and dress code, the tournament maintains a professional and fair environment. The involvement of sponsors, broadcasting partners, and media coverage further enhances the championship’s prestige and global outreach. While challenges such as international travel, logistics, and health and safety considerations loom, the organizers have taken necessary measures to overcome them and ensure the success of the tournament. As the date approaches, billiards enthusiasts eagerly await the excitement and drama that will unfold at the 2022 World Billiards Championship.

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